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From the world of the fiction podcast Unmasked, we present "Day One," a gripping second-chance romance. The first love story from the scripted series drops us in the center of Obi Okafor’s confrontation between Kenya, his girlfriend, and Isi, his wife, at the end of season one.

Known as the “good son” to his family, Obi has lived a life preordained for him out of obedience to his father. He went to all the schools his father demanded, pursued the career he dictated, and married the woman he had chosen for him. But Obi always questioned if the man he had become was really who he was supposed to be, or if he was simply the statue of the man that his father handcrafted him to be.

Obi's life takes an unexpected turn when he leaves Nigeria for America, seeking to build a better future for his wife. He becomes irresistibly drawn to another woman, causing tremors in the once-solid foundation of his marriage.

"Day One" traces Obi and Isi's very raw journey of rediscovery as they strive to rebuild their marriage and nurture love for their evolved selves. Can they restore their relationship, rebuilding the bond they'd had since childhood? Or will they choose self-liberation, breaking free from the shackles of cultural norms?

Award-winning writer Taccara Martin outdoes herself in this intriguing, fiery novel about betrayal, reconciliation, and what it truly looks like to fight for the one you love.