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Day One Romance Novel

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“You cannot continue to allow your wife to go hungry, my son,” my father would warn me. “If you allow a woman to be left hungry for the presence of her husband, she is liable to starve and will begin to crave trash.”

Obi Okafor has always prioritized making his traditional parents proud, following their every instruction, from attending the schools they chose to going to law school as they wished. He even married his childhood best friend, who his parents also selected for him. However, deep down, Obi resents not being able to pursue his own desires and become the person he truly wants to be. When running from his truth leads him into the arms of another woman, he is forced to confront the version of himself he has been hiding. Causing him to question whether the wife his parents chose for him is the one he would have chosen for himself.

Isi, Obi's wife, has always longed for a traditional Nigerian life with a traditional Nigerian husband. She believed she had achieved this dream, even sacrificing her own aspirations to fulfill the role of the dutiful wife that Obi expected. However, when she discovers Obi's betrayal, she is faced with a unique opportunity to choose between the dreams she left behind and the shattered ones she is currently living in with her husband.

From the world of the fiction podcast Unmasked, we present "Day One." The first love story from the scripted series drops us in the center of Obi Okafor’s confrontation between Kenya, his girlfriend, and Isi, his wife, at the end of season one.

This heart-wrenching story follows childhood friends turned lovers whose unbreakable bond is fractured by betrayal. Will they find redemption and rebuild their relationship, or will they be tempted by the allure of starting over with new lives and different loves?